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Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month- Household Products

Have you ever wondered if a particular household cleaning product or human medication is poisonous to your pets? The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) has provided the following guide for knowing which cleaning products, human medications and cosmetic items to keep out of your pet’s reach. Please remember that this guide is for general information only, […]

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Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month- Rodenticides

A rodenticide is a chemical designed to kill mice, rats and other rodents as a pest control measure. Rodenticides work by disrupting or stopping normal bodily functions like clotting and maintaining fluid or mineral balance. These normal responses are similar in all mammals, so rodenticides can cause the same toxicities in other species, including dogs, […]

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Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month- Toxic Foods

Although a food may be safe and even healthy for you, the same is not always true for your pets and may even be toxic to them. Many foods we eat daily pose the risk for serious illness and even death in dogs and cats. Our pets are curious by nature and will almost always […]

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